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A Traitors Heart ** Fears, Cheers, Tears and Hope ** Monthly Ebook Special

A Traitors Heart
Ebook $US3.90

by Craig Lock (Author)

“It might be hard for you to understand this being an outsider; but South Africa holds the souls of its sons and daughters in an almost inescapable gasp. History cast all of us in a strange and gripping drama, but I had deserted the stage. I had no idea what my role was, and felt I would never be whole until I found out!”
– fine writing by Rian Malan in his “compelling” book MY TRAITOR’S HEART.

Fears, Cheers, Tears and Hope
Ebook $US3.90

by Craig Lock (Author)

“How apartheid was finally buried, without requiem; but in
joyous celebration, will remain forever in the hearts and minds
of a nation reborn. When tears came, and there was dampness in
the eyes of even the most stern, it was for putting the past in
the past and hoping for hope in the future.”

Creative Kiwis Monthly Special Ebook (10% Discount) $US3.50

Creative Kiwis Monthly Special Ebook (10% Discount)