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Bill Rosoman Dip CS Biography
Bill has written many books and enjoys the process and feedback.

Bill’s most popular books are on technology.
Windows, Linux and Android are the OS of his choice.

Bill is a Writer, Author, Publisher, Technologist, Web Designer.

Bill’s current interest is making Videos of how to use technology.

Bill has 40+ years experience using technology

Bill Rosoman Dip CS Books = Craig Lock Books

Bill Rosoman Dip CS Ebooks = Craig Lock Ebooks

Craig Lock Biography

Craig has a ‘passion’ for writing books that tell stories about people doing positive things in this often so hard, sometimes unkind world, occasionally cruel, yet always amazing world – true stories that leave the reader feeling uplifted, empowered and hopefully even inspired.

Craig has been writing about his passions since 1993.
Craig has been involved in the corporate world (life assurance) for over twenty years in South Africa, Australia (briefly) and New Zealand. However, through a strange set of circumstances and finding himself in a small town near the bottom of the world … and with nothing else to do, he started writing. Five published books later (well they turned out to be a vanity publisher and he and his family lost everything, their life savings, including the kitchen sink* – that episode is a book in itself!). Now many years later, “recovering“, having written another twenty manuscripts (on widely differing subjects – well what else is there to do here?)… this is where Craig is in the “journey/adventure” that is life.

Craig has taught at the local Polytechnic, as well as running a successful creative writing course (not teaching sheep!). Together with his “technowhizz” friend,   Bill Rosoman, he was the author of (as far as we know) the first creative writing course on the internet.)

Bill Rosoman Dip CS Books = Craig Lock Books

Bill Rosoman Dip CS Ebooks = Craig Lock Ebooks

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