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The New Rainbow Ebook $US3.90

by Craig Lock (Author)

A story based on fact in the dark days of grand apartheid, but with the rich promise and hope that a new South Africa can bring.

Everything in the book could have happened … and perhaps it did!

Head Injury: The Facts: My Articles on Living with Brain Injury Ebook $US3.90

by Craig Lock (Author)

Articles in this little book (booklet) sourced from my various Amazon books, My Story, My Little Life, Living with Head Injury, Who Wants to be Normal Anyway and An Open Book 3, As well as my WordPress blog

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This is Craig’s first book: A collection of writings on various subjects to help every man or woman survive in a rapidly changing, uncertain world… after the “easy living and prosperity” of the seventies and eighties. An introductory look at the concepts of success, motivation, attitude, goal setting and stress


This is Craig Lock’s first novel. A short novel set in “the beloved country”. A passionate and heart-breaking tale of South Africa, a true story of the bad old days, but with the hope of the new. THE END OF THE LINE “The End Of The Line” could be described as a “faction”, a fiction with a serious factual grounding. It is simple, and therefore moving. It gives yet another highly individual portrait of that troubled land, and it does so through a believable and sustained narrative form.”


Craig Lock is an extensive world traveller and failed professional emigrater who has spent most of his life’s savings on airfares. He is still ‘sliding down the razor blade of life’, stuck on a deserted (other than a few brilliant rugby players) island at the bottom of the world near Antarctica, where he is ‘trying to throw a double six’ to get off and go out into the real world – but he doesn’t know where!


An introductory guide to make the most of your hard-earned money. This work covers the basics of good money management to helping guide the more serious (and sophistocated) investor.

Creative Kiwis Monthly Special Ebook (10% Discount) $US3.50

Creative Kiwis Monthly Special Ebook (10% Discount)

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