Smartphones/Tablets Tutorials

How to Use Smartphones and Tablets Summary

Tutorial One, Smartphones/Tablets Introduction
This is a Hands on Tutorial Please Bring your Smartphone and Tablet or Ipad.
There will be a Demonstration then you will be able to use your Device to do the same.
At the end of the Tutorial participants may apply to receive a Certificate of Achievement
How to Use Smartphones and Tablet Devices
This is a multi media series of tutorials and information on learning to use Smartphones/Tablets
Basics. Whether it be a Smartphone or a Tablet or other device.
There is the Book, Ebook and many YouTube Videos to help you get the most out of your Device. As well we offer online assistance.
These tutorials cover from the Basics of how to make a phone call or send a text message to
using apps like Banking. Google maps, Screenshot, Hotspot, Stream/Cast, Google Photos etc.
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Tutorial Two, Smartphones/Tablets Intermediate
Installing Android Apps
Installing Iphone Apps
Update Apps
Emergency Apps
Creating and Editing Documents in Android
Removing apps from your Device
Android House Keeping
Some Basic Shortcuts for most Programs
Using Google Photos
Using Google Drive

Tutorial Three, Smartphones/Tablets Advanced
Find My Device
Android Device as Home Security
Android Device Scanning Document or Picture app
Connect to WiFi
Android Device Scanning Document or Picture app
Android Top 10 apps
Google Apps and Services
All Google Products.

Tutorial Four, Smartphones/Tablets Advanced 2
Some Downloads
Apps I have ATM
Other Online tutorials
Some Computer Rules
Final Thoughts

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